The history of ALDOORS begins in 1987. Since then the effort has been to produce quality and innovative frames, we have done this and so the company in a short time has become one of the best and recognizable in the field of construction.

What helped most to produce quality products are the partnerships with the leading companies in the international field of construction DOMAL, TECKNAL, SCHUCO.

This allowed us to proceed with the design of ALDOORS branded products bearing the qualitative features that are missing from the market lines of the frames.

ALDOORS products are certified in the leading IFT company of ROSENHEIM.

Nowadays, we are presenting more and more efficient solutions in the manufacture of aluminum frames with our own systems as well as those of the leading Greek extrusion company ELVIAL and the best international company of Schüco frames.

The company is housed in the Industrial Area of ​​Heraklion in a privately-owned space of 1550 square meters with equipment of modern CNC machines for excellent final product.