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Innovation meets high energy efficiency and minimal aesthetics. This system has the same features with AL42000 in difference that the panel frame is hidden – Hide Sash. The implementation of this system is possible with aluminum panels or wood with a specific configuration around to cover the sash. Thus, at the entrance we see the face height of 67 mm perimetrical frame and the surface of the panel seamlessly with optimum architectural result.

The first choice for entrance doors, with excellent thermal insulation values ​​for maximum energy efficiency, enhanced level of security and design that makes it ideal for industrial and residential buildings.

The AL39000HS system is an opening hidden panel system, the most important feature, out of competition, using frame facing just 57mm. This frame is identical to the AL42000 resulting in a perfect harmony even when the two systems coexist.

The AL3900 system is the leading thermal insulation system for manufacture Tilt & Turn doors or windows combined easily with fixed or sliding parts.

Topswing is a new generation of window fittings for all types of fully reversible windows. Window fittings is important for the window structure and function. The innovative design of topswing with sliding rear at the back, interlocking security pins and an integrated opening limiter in the seizure, gives the window high security and very good function. Topswing suits both wooden windows, aluminum windows, wood / aluminum windows as well as pvc window.

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The innovative thermal insulating lift & slide system AL24000 provides energy saving, absolute reliability, excellent quality and is compatible with all requirements in both existing and new, contemporary residences. The architectural trends, seeking straight simple lines, with the least possible visible aluminum frame, was the hallmark in its design.

The new ALDOORS CONCEPT Sliding system with concealed framework and aiming to completely minimalist aesthetics by minimizing the visible aluminum and subsequent maximize both the sight and the light to the space applicable. Ideal for hotel use and demanding architectural compositions, giving an intangible result.

ALDOORS company, with decades of specialized development, can be a pioneer in conjunction with equivalent class partnerships to innovate in the aluminum industry for the benefit of the final recipient and the sense of comfort and confidence. This experience thus allows the design of an even 400 kg lift & slide frames, moving safely and effortlessly.