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Innovation meets high energy efficiency and minimal aesthetics. This system has the same features with AL42000 in difference that the panel frame is hidden – Hide Sash. The implementation of this system is possible with aluminum panels or wood with a specific configuration around to cover the sash. Thus, at the entrance we see the face height of 67 mm perimetrical frame and the surface of the panel seamlessly with optimum architectural result.

The first choice for entrance doors, with excellent thermal insulation values ​​for maximum energy efficiency, enhanced level of security and design that makes it ideal for industrial and residential buildings.

Topswing is a new generation of window fittings for all types of fully reversible windows. Window fittings is important for the window structure and function. The innovative design of topswing with sliding rear at the back, interlocking security pins and an integrated opening limiter in the seizure, gives the window high security and very good function. Topswing suits both wooden windows, aluminum windows, wood / aluminum windows as well as pvc window.

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The Schüco AWS (aluminium window system) window and Schüco ADS (aluminium door system) door systems have a wide range of insert outer frames and adapter profiles, which cover every scenario for opening units in vertical açades. This guarantees perfect transitions – with the best possible thermal insulation. The fully compatible window and door series also offers every option on a multifunctional design with a connection to the building automation, e.g. with mechatronic or radio-controlled fittings, network-enabled access controls and emergency exit security.

The sliding doors of the Schüco ASS 50 system create generous, unimpeded and smooth-running passage openings (with three tracks, up to two-thirds of the unit width) and require a minimum amount of space. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward. In a closed state, the aluminium system offers excellent thermal and sound insulation owing to perfect weathertightness.

Complete glass walls can be opened almost fully with the thermally insulated Schüco ASS 70 FD folding sliding door. The door leaf stack folds easily, with minimal force, inward or outward, and slides to the right and / or to the left. The door leaves roll almost silently on high-quality roller carriers and are securely guided at the top and at the bottom.

Schüco ASS 70.HI is a high-insulation, lift-and-slide system which fulfils even the more stringent requirements of the energy saving regulations. The Schüco ASS 70.HI lift-and-slide system provides easy, quiet access to balconies, patios and conservatories. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward. This provides you with more space for your interior.

The Schüco TipTronic is the first fully electro mechanical accessory for opening / tilting. Users benefit directly from the comfortable and intuitive way of operation.

The Schüco AWS 75.SI aluminium window system combines the excellent thermal insulation properties of PVC-U and timber windows with the unique advantages of aluminium: durability and stability, narrow face widths and a variety of designs in large, transparent formats. With a basic depth of just 75 mm, this window system offers excellent versatility and can be easily combined with the Schüco ADS/ADS HD range of doors.

ALDOORS company, with decades of specialized development, can be a pioneer in conjunction with equivalent class partnerships to innovate in the aluminum industry for the benefit of the final recipient and the sense of comfort and confidence. This experience thus allows the design of an even 400 kg lift & slide frames, moving safely and effortlessly.

Schüco AWS 70.HI windows offer a comprehensive range of solutions for special design requirements. With its bevelled outer corners, the Design Contour RL (Residential Line) is ideally suited to refurbishment projects or for added visual emphasis. The Schüco Window AWS 70 ST.HI system, with its very narrow steel contour, is ideal both for refurbishing old steel windows or fitting new homes with attractive steel-look windows.